Custom Mobile Application Development

We can develop your mobile application from conception to maintenance.
Mobile Application Development: React Native

After the release of the Apple iPhone, tablets and mobile devices have become an everyday part of life. Mobile apps used to be only for games and large corporations, but now small business can develop apps for their customers.

Excel on the Web is able to develop mobile apps for any business or idea. We can design apps for the Apple iPhone/iPad and Android phones/tablets, and we will work with the app stores to make sure your mobile app is approved and ready for download.

Mobile Application Development - React
Mobile Applications Development - Equal
Mobile Application Development - Apple
Mobile Application Development - Ampersand
Mobile Application Development - Android

We Build Cross-Platform Mobile Apps

Why cross-platform is the best way to go for your mobile app needs.

Wider Market Reach

Cross-platform frameworks like React allow Excel on the Web to build one app that runs on both iOS and Android. Since both Android and iOS users can use your app you can reach almost every mobile user in the world.


Cross-platform app development costs much less than native mobile app development since we only have to write one code base. The money saved by using our cross-platform approach can be used for other business needs like a new website to promote your new app.

Faster Development Time

Developing an app is a lengthy process especially if you have to build an app for each platform. Excel on the Web’s cross-platform app development allows us to code once, and have it run on all major platforms.

Ease Of Maintenance

Once built, your app can be easily maintained across multiple platforms in a lot less time than having to update multiple apps. Another benefit is when your phone gets a new operating system. Usually, we only have to update the framework’s software to be compatible.

Bring New Life to Your Business

If you’ve ever dreamed of developing an app but had concerns about the cost, we offer an amazing process that gets results. Get in touch today!  919-577-8220