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Does your company use a variety of off-the-shelf software to run your business? For example, you might have sales software to manage your leads, accounting software for your billing, an eCommerce website for taking orders, and a fulfillment system for shipping. The problem is that usually, these systems don’t talk to each other, so you have to enter the same data multiple times, and you have numerous points of failure. Having a custom application tailored specifically to your needs will save you time and allow for a much greater productivity and organization within your company.


Advantages of Custom Software

Increased Business Efficiency

Increasing business efficiency is a top reason that businesses are looking to replace their current solution.  Custom software is designed from the ground up to solve specific problems that your business encounters.


When your custom solution is designed it can be created with a plan for growth in mind.  With a custom solution you can grow the software along with your business.


Custom software can be built to handle all of your daily tasks and share the entered date with all relevant departments. This reduces repetitive tasks and inefficiencies in employee workflows.


Your custom software solution can be set up to automate many tasks for you.  This will ensure greater accuracy, and eliminate double and triple data entry of the same documents into multiple formats.


Want a direct relationship with your software developer?  Big box solutions come with long wait times on the phone to get answers to your questions. Custom software by Excel on the Web gives you the ability to get through and get a problem solved much more quickly.

Automate Your Repetitive Tasks!

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